Monday, June 24, 2013

Politics: It's as Dangerous as War...Battlestar Galactica Episodes 11-12

Episode 11 begins with the news that the fleet is running short on fuel.  Commander Adama sends scouts out to look for asteroids laden with fuel that can be mined.  What they locate is a Cylon base guarded by hundreds of Cylon Raiders.  Adama once again finds himself making military command decisions and decides that a surprise attack on a superior force is what he needs to do.  He chooses Starbuck to design the plan due to her unconventional thinking.  Roslyn comes aboard Galactica and stands in as Starbuck lays out the battle plan.  Roslyn approves and the battle is on.  It seems detente between Adama and Roslyn has settled in.

Episode 12 is all about politics.  Terrorist turned statesman Tom Zarek is named as a delegate to the council of 12 meeting with the president.  He says that it is necessary to choose a VP in case of Roslyn's demise.  Zarek is nominated by several delegates.  Roslyn initially chooses a long time friend but when worried that Zarek may win she chooses Dr. Gaius Baltar.  As the votes are counted Zarek takes a 6-5 lead over Baltar with one vote remaining.  Afterwards, Adama and Roslyn share a drink and Adama says 'Politics.  It's as dangerous as war.'  Roslyn responds 'In war, you only die once.  In politics, they kill you over and over.'  Truer words were never spoken.

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